Dubai Nations January 2018

The Volleyball Community is buzzing in Dubai in anticipa­tion of the new and a top event coming in January 2018. It's a tournament not to be missed. Represent your country in the exciting battle of multiple nations living in Dubai, UAE and GCC. Raise your flag. Be proud of your country.

With a diverse community in the region who will be the Champion of the 1st Dubai Nations Volleyball Tournament in 2018 – UAE? Oman? Italy? Russia? Germany? Philippines? Sri Lanka? India? Serbia? Lebanon? Ukraine? UK? Japan? Argentina? Tunis? Egypt? Yemen?

Don't have enough players to represent your country? A team can represent a geographical region like Scandinavia, Baltic Countries, Northern America, etc.

Don't have a team? Register as an individual and indicate the country you would like to represent. We will assign you to a relevant team.

Register your team now and start preparation!