Blog / 2nd Training Camp in Vienna during A1 Major Series, Austria 2018

2nd year in a row and Vienna didn't stop to impress us. Bigger training groups, Austrian professional players coaching, surprises and expected results at A1 Major arena, thousands of amazing fans – all in one week of the A1 Major Series in Austria.

Blog / 2nd PRO+AM Tournament, Dubai, UAE

Another Professional + Amateur Beach Volleyball Tournament in Dubai, UAE and great fun again. This time it is ladies and this time PRO players team up with AM players to compete against each other.

Blog / 1st UAE PRO+AM Beach Volleyball Tournament

Is it a while you have been looking for an opportunity to play top beach volleyball and challenge strong opponents? Have you always wanted to play against professional teams? If so this is a place to be. No need to have FIVB ranking and World Tour points to play against some of the best beach volleyball players in the world. Every February in the UAE you have a chance to take part in the PRO+AM tournament.

Blog / Pro+Am (Professional plus Amateur) Beach Volleyball Camp in UAE 2018

It was the first and the best. UAE has so much to offer to both professional and amateur beach volleyball – from luxury and budget front line hotels to the vast beaches and unforgettable tourist attractions. If you are looking to combine a quality training and a game with one of the best cultural experiences this is the place to be!

Blog / Personal Trainer. Get fit. Part 1

Are you looking to increase your fitness level but bored with spending hours on a treadmill? Is your New Year's resolution to loose wait falling apart every day? Or the guilt over missing your gym session increases your anxiety?

Blog / Dubai Nations January 2018

The Volleyball Community is buzzing in Dubai in anticipa­tion of the new and a top event coming in January 2018. It's a tournament not to be missed. Represent your country in the exciting battle of multiple nations living in Dubai, UAE and GCC. Raise your flag. Be proud of your country.

Blog / Dubai Volleyball League Season 2016/2017

We had a great start of the new Volleyball League in Dubai in the 2016/2017 season. It was a fresh approach and engagement of the volleyball community in the city long waiting for the open, organised and well managed events. Though fun and social we have seen many games reaching high level competitive volleyball.

Blog / Vienna World Champs And Training 2017

It was one of the best camps we have had. We've seen it all before: World Tour, Pro players, mass amateur events but to train alongside the world best players, a possibility come and talk to them, see their pre-match trainings, learn from their drills and tricks and then see them performing to the best in front of one of the best in the world Austrian crowd of 10,000 people – it was an amazing and unique experience.

Blog / National Amateur Volleyball League Season 2017/2018

Dubai Volleyball League and VolleyBOLD are pleased to present you with the new National Amateur Volleyball League. This season the league in Dubai is stepping up to give you more chances to develop as a team or as a player. The league will now run separately for men and women. The time of the game will increase from 3 sets of 1 hour court time to the best of 5 sets or 2 hours game time.

Blog / Beach Volleyball Festival Dubai 2016

It was time to celebrate beach volleyball in Dubai. With its vast beaches and beautiful weather 7-8 months a year it’s a great place not only for the local community to enjoy the sport but also for the professional teams to train and acclimatise especially before playing the World Tour in the neighbour countries like Qatar (Doha) and Iran (Kish island).